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Since 1953, more than half a century ago, Koloocheh, a kind of cookie also known as Persian-style filled cookie, has been produced traditionally by the late Mr. Mohammad Ali Beglari, has been offered continuously to the consumers
Under the brand name of Koloocheh Noosheen.
In 1974 by establishment of Noosheen Fard Company, the first automated Koloocheh -Making machine was designed and fabricated at proposal and cooperation of Mr. Beglari , for this reason he has been known as the founder of Koloocheh Production Industry in Iran.
Gradually by taking advantage of technology and design development in making the tunnel ovens for Koloocheh production, he succeeded in innovation and evolution in automatic production of various Koloocheh causing the reputation of Lahidjan as City of Koloocheh to Iran and the world.
Mr. Beglari with wonderful creativeness in making various confectionery productions like cookies and brownies attracted different tastes towards Noosheen products and always had his own special innovations and signature in Koloocheh production.

Now this company is working on a tract of faction with combined area of 15000 sqm. And installations in the infrastructure 20000 sqm., producing various types of Koloocheh and flour processed products . By hiring over 200 efficient and experienced personnel and through a strong management with the professional and updated knowledge who mind the production variety and by installation of advanced machinery, our company has executed its manufacturing development plans in a short term and by utilization of machinery of the production lines, has succeeded to offer its new products (various wafers, cakes, cookies, coconut/ chocolate coated products, and also tea packaging).
Noosheen currently packages and exports its products according to terms and conditions of distension countries such as U.S.A, Canada, Sweden, Britain, Germany, Denmark, Netherland and Australia .The company also exports its product to nearby countries such as Iraq , Afghanistan , Azerbaijan and etc . It is also looking to export in the near future to more countries in south East Asia and Middle East.

The major strategy of Noosheen Fard Company is producing the products with the best quality and higher than the existing standards so that to make practical the motto of “Noosheen Product, the First and the Best “, in the competition arena and for reaching to such goal the quality and safety policy of Noosheen Fard Company Products have been determined and defined as follows:

- Continuous effort for attracting the customer's satisfaction
- Attempt in increasing the products sales volume
- Increasing the quality of manufacturing products by increasing the safety levels

Production Line And National and International standards:

Noosheen Fard Manufacturing Company Noosheen at the same time with progress of food industries is on the growth and progress route and it has tried to take advantage of the latest technology for making the flour products (cookie, wafer , cake, etc.) and using the modern and advanced sophisticated machinery and emphasizing on today’s technical knowledge and productions automatically is active in Iran as the greatest manufacturer of cookies in the country and has allocated a major share of consumption market to its products .

National and International standards:
Noosheen Fard Company in addition to using the national standard sign and logo of Iran for creating the systematic and dynamic structure and healthy environment , management system and also increasing the safety of its products , has made the systems of ISO 9001:2008 as its own working pattern and HACCP and ISO22000:2005 as safety of foodstuff.

Quality Control And R&D:

Noosheen Fard Company due to considering significance to quality of its manufacturing products is among the first companies has taken action for establishment and mobilization of the laboratory independently.
The well-equipped, modern and updated laboratory of Noosheen Fard Company employing the specialists and efficient experts, acts as heart of production and by performing test of raw materials and final products, according to the rules and existing standards and after quality assurance, has considered quality control on top of its operation and policies, always trying to be loyal and adhere to these principles.

R & D -Research and Development Unit
This unit is the most significant operational unit in Noosheen Fard Company and plays a significant role in formulation of manufacturing products by research and study on the quality of raw materials and the ways and means for using the same as far as quantity may concern.

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