In 1974, with the establishment of Noosheen Fard Company, the first Koloocheh making machine was designed and built in Japan with the proposal and cooperation of Mr. Begleri and was provided to Noosheen Fard Company for the production of various Koloochehs. After that, because of this history and his breadth of vision, Mr. Beglari’s name has remained as the founder of the Koloocheh industry in Iran and the world.


The background of the founder of the Noosheen brand, Late Mohammad Ali Begleri, in the field of production of all kinds of sweets and traditional cookies goes back to more than 75 years ago, to 1949. A few years later in 1953, with his wisdom and continuous efforts, a type of traditional sweet was produced by Late Mr. Beglari, which has been offered to consumers under the name and brand of “Noosheen” and “Noosheen Cookies”.

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